At P4B solar we believe in using only the highest quality products when installing a solar system. This allows us to ensure the quality of our work and the output of your solar system totally. Click on the tabs below to explore the brands that we work with and recommend.


Solar energy works by harnessing the energy from the sun through Photovoltaic Panels. These panels have varying power generation capacities and lifespans, and with hundreds of manufacturers on the market, how can you possibly know where to begin looking, or what to look for? Here at P4B we are not contractually obligated to any one manufacturing company, which allows us to pick and choose from the market leaders in panel manufacturing to ensure that the product we deliver to you is of the highest quality. Selecting only from Tier 1 Panel Manufacturers, we guarantee that the panels we install on your solar energy system will provide you with the optimum output for your energy needs.


A power inverter, or Inverter, is an electronic device that converts the solar energy harnessed by photovoltaic panels into usable energy and then feeds it into your household energy distribution box, to power everything from your fridge and dishwasher to your TV and your computer. Much like the Photovoltaic Panels, there are hundreds of manufacturers for power inverters and you cannot be expected to research each and every company’s capabilities to make the right decisions. At P4B Solar we only use the best inverters in our solar systems, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your house is getting the optimum energy conversion to your distribution network.

LED Lighting

While solar energy is the most common step in the direction of reducing on-grid power consumption, LED lighting is increasingly becoming the secondary step in the bid to reduce power usage and increase savings on your power bill. From architectural and design application to in-home lighting, aviation and even automotive industries, LED lighting is being seen more and more for the main reason that it is cost efficient, and also looks great. We can integrate LED lighting as part of your household or business to help drive down your power costs and drive up your positive cashflow, no matter what your situation.


Is Solar Right for You?

Solar energy can be a big decision for any business or household. At P4B our aim is to make your solar energy decision as easy as possible. Every installation is different as no two buildings, businesses or houses are the same. We will complete a detailed analysis of your site to assess your consumption and requirements, utilizing comprehensive independent data.

Fill out the Enquiry form on the right including your details, a copy of your most recent power bill or the last two bills, and tell us how you heard about us. Alternatively contact us here to discuss your options.


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